WL//WH Track Of The Day : Marta Raya ‘Those Severe Times’

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Some might recall about a couple of years ago the Berlin-based synth darkwave duo Monowelt, who released an excellent debut album titled ‘Rückschau’ via Geheimnis Records.

Reviewers talked about ‘music full of gloomy, distressing, dark funeral sounds’

Little has changed in these few years for one half of that project, the Poland-born Marta Raya, she’s not becoming an happy smiling girl or a smart cheerleaders, but is continuing to play as she amazingly defines it, ‘obscure, bizzare, gloomy… wave triste’.

‘Those Severe Times’,  the last of the three new songs in the last couple of weeks, has a minimalistic approach consisted of analogue synths and drum machine together with her spellbinding low-tuned expressive vocals, and draws a spectral deep-cutting atmosphere drenched with torment and melancholy, a gloomy melodic and cold but heartwarming catharsis about memories, longing, and inner obsessions.

Let her icy as well human addictive sound course through your bleak soul, in which deeply losing yourselves and easing your fears and despair, you just can’t get enough of it…

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