WL//WH Video Of The Day: ST. DIGUE “New Day”

Video Of The Day  St. Digue

Copenhagen-based dark electronic pop singer/musician and former Sunken guitarist, Kasper Deichmann, under his synth-laden moniker St. Digue, makes for an immersive, atmospheric and soul-stirring new single “New Day”, to be included in the forthcoming debut album, accompanied by a blurred psychological DIY music video.

“New Day” deals with devastated lyrics that dive into the nihilistic realms of hopelessness, using a sleepless night of negative rumination to fall deeper into a hole of unrelenting despair.

Pitch black melancholy layers warm, anxious synth glow, slow snapping clicks, minimal heart-pounding beats, and organic poignant bass lines to sway hypnotically around distant pained male vocals fading in and out of harrowing consciousness, falling airlessly into an unconscious fog of self-annihilating distress.

An emotive video blends blue moods with universal imagery and a shadowy dance interpretation to extract subconscious fear and desire. Muted lights cast from awkward angles stretch the mind’s eye of imagination with multiplied shadows to expand states of the psyche into a ghostly ballet of tortured souls. Strategic square parameters with a VHS static overlay create the claustrophobic illusion of being trapped within a TV set, adding distorted time, otherworldly body transformations, and furious hues to consume the afflicted with an aggressive and unseen confrontation.

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