WL//WH New Music: PLAISIR “Stereo Jones” [Video/Single]

New Music  Plaisir  

Berlin-based multi-national eclectic Post-Punk trio Camille Hemet (FR), Carla Cixi (IT) and KC Dahlehan (SE), AKA PLAISIR drop a conceptual DIY video for the off-kilter and spacey French-pop-tinged single, “Stereo Jones”, taken from the upcoming EP “Foam”. scheduled for release on November 18, 2021.

Floating somewhere between past and future, “Stereo Jones” is a manic trip through the solar system. The band builds on their typical dark and dreamy sound, infusing it with dance elements and layered spacey synths. The French lyrics are funny and unexpected. Surreal video by our special and only Camille Haimet

Surreal, depth defying textures compel murky, eerie droning bass tones, steady tinny beats, sinister icy-bright synth strains and brittle piercing stabs, to undulate lysergically with a disorienting swirl of female vocalizations releasing bestial yelps, ambient conversations, and shifting moods into a lyrical stream of consciousness, deescalating from giddy love into all-encompassing hate after a break-up by ghosting.

The interpretive, abstract video uses a first-person point of view to evoke the distorted sentiments of an erratic psychic cleanse. Simple yet colourful set converts post-relationship angst into a messy “witches brew” concoction of torn pictures, costume jewellery, and slimy bathroom ingredients to detoxify mental anguish using creativity, humour, and catharsis.

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