WL//WH Track Of The Day: LUNAR ISLES “Unwinding”

Track Of The Day Lunar Isles

Cheongju Si, South Korea-based Scottish multi-instrumentalist David Skimming, under his Lunar Isles moniker, delivers, since the start of 2021, spacious, misty and effusive atmospheric tunes subtly sprinkled with surf rock nuances, in the same vein of early Castlebeat, rife with glowing outpours of mesmerizing reverb-strewn jangly guitar chords, warm bass pulses, light rhythmic lilts, blissful gauzy washes of synths, and radiant bursts of woozy shimmering melodies, mingling with a soothing voice relentlessly lost in the daydreams of heartfelt confidential lyrics, to depict winsome imprints of life’s intimate moments laced with free-falling romanticism and stirring recollection.

The latest introspective single, “Unwinding”, floats weightlessly in a dreamy realm of earnest confessions to evoke feelings of uncertainty, longing and intimacy.

A reflective and entrancing emotional flow of stumbling drum beats and rubbery hearty bass palpitations, amid echoing lonesome sparkling drops, prickled by obsessive wiry tinkling guitar lines, that sway and resonate with obsessive fluttering nostalgia over soft, stunned, beautifully romantic vocals layering with distant celestial whispers, to invoke cool cathartic glimmers of love and serenity.

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