WL//WH Track Of The Day: FEVR “No Way Out”

Track Of The Day  FEVR  

Popped up last Summer with a rich and teasing string of releases, namely three full studio albums, including the 30-track debut “Lonely Eyes”, and an EP, the Los Angeles-based solo project FEVR provides ‘a unique brand of pure Coldwave /New Wave /Post-punk with a heavy Darkwave and Darksynth influence’, where lush, clear effect-laden guitar parts stand out beautifully, amid emotive eerie synth-laden atmospherics, throbbing rhythms and morose alluring vocals in an intoxicating juxtaposition of shadows and lights awash in a reverberated, catchy gloom.

FEVR opens the new year with the introspective lyricism of the new single “No Way Out”, capturing the uncertainty and fear of a troubled soul whose search for meaning in life becomes clouded by doubt.

Steady hypnotic rhythms drive seamlessly wobbling groovy bass pulses, tinkling key drips, and soaring glistening guitar lines seeping poignantly into the languid deceiving lure of enveloping darkness, wrapped by swirling bright synth swathes weighty with an overarching sense of melancholy over dry, desperate vocal broods, searching for hope amid narcotic waves of anxious doom.

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