MODE MODERNE ‘Gastown Nights’ (single)

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The Vancouver‘s new wave / post punk band are delighting their followers with the release of a brand new song on monthly base. After the amazing Marr-alike jangle guitars drenched ‘Piss & Flowery Poetry’, now, to coincide with the night of Halloween, it’s time for ‘Gastown Nights’ that develops into a different scouse art-rock/new wave direction lead by beautiful, yet eerie, synth figure and bouncing bass lines, the guitars provide more subtle power to the cold mix, while Phillip‘s warm deep haunting vocals muses on his nights spent over the pretty historical cobblestone streets of central GastownVancouver, he apparently knows closely ‘when my cheek/head hit the pavement’, when his horizons seemed so narrow ‘I can’t see the stars for the bricks in the sky / and I can’t see your face/the stars for the mist in my eyes’ because he reiterates at the end ‘I know it’s the right place, is it the right time? I’ve got cravings I can’t hide’. With this artsy little gem, Mode Moderne once again continue on an enviable improving trajectory of mature and addictive high-quality dark-pop songwriting for the joy of their fans that, at the face of the useless allegations of lack of originality, are only set to grow further.

Stay tune, the best part is yet to come…

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Written by Fabrizio Lusso