WL//WH Track Of The Day: EARTH SURRENDER “Tongues”


Earth Surrender is the alias of British ‘gloom maker’ Calam Wright, at his debut with the first single “Tongues”.

Subdued tormented vocals, pulsing drum machines, undulating low-end grooves, icy bright synthesizers, and penetrating emotive guitar phrasing, are the vibrant sonic palette that makes up the moody, dark yet not oppressive, Coldwave, slightly reminiscent of Black Marble, injected with dancing energy.

Lyric-wise, the song describes a girl with many tongues who uses them all for love through an end-of-romance lens.

“Tongues” is introduced by a churning percussive intro to compel heavy stomping snares and bouncing basslines to throb ceaselessly against a backdrop of ghostly trembling synth glows, obsessively pierced by weeping spindly guitar flourishes, wistfully swirling around soft gloomy restless vocals, sulking angst-ridden into a hazy headspace of twisted moods.

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