WL//WH Track Of The Day: LESSER CARE “Palm”

Track Of The Day  Lesser Care  

West Texas-based death trio Lesser Care, made of Andres Chavez (Guitar/Vocals/Synth), Zane Pacillas (drums) and Angel Yglecias (bass), following the highly promising debut EP at the very end of 2020, interspersed by a live EP last February, have dropped a brand new 2-track single “Palm ​/​ Acquired Taste”, ripe with an increasingly atmospheric, gripping and magnetic alchemy, at the same time wistful and cathartic, of vibrant, ringing and edgy new-wave with hints of early U2 swirling urgency, and moody, blurry shoegaze ambience in the same vein of MBV.

The soul-stirring “Palm” is laced with poetic lyrics to express a sentient ache and melancholy from loss, separation, and suffering at the hands of Fate.

Propulsive punchy drums, layered with rolling thudding percussive patterns, inexorably infiltrate the hypnotic anxious pace along with droning pulsating bass tension, while flashes of chiming guitars, pierce through the oppressive grey and dense hazy veil of sorrow with ethereal, shiny and reverberating swirls, amidst abrasive riffs and algid icy synth washes, to stab distressed, haunted male vocals, gasping impassioned cries of pain and frustration into the numb disconnection of fear.

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