WL//WH Video Of The Day: LATENITE AUTOMATIC “Statues”


Established in 2010 through a mutual passion for Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Killing Joke and Nine Inch Nails, with a couple of albums under their belt, Canadian natives Scott Whalen and Jay Brown AKA Latenite Automatic return after a six years hiatus with the guitar-strewn and danceable goth electro-rock new track, “Statues”, written during the turmoil of the 2020 lockdown, between Vancouver and Vienna, where the latter is living, first single from the forthcoming third full-length, “Wahrheiten | Truth”, paired with a symbolic DIY video shot on location on opposite sides of the world.

The dystopic lyrics dwell in the netherworld of past mistakes, permanent scars, and a guilty conscious, using visible signs of deceit and manipulation found throughout the world as “Statues.”

Haunted, restless auras churn dire disenchantments into a buzzing undulating bassline, slashing, hypnotic snare beats, and sad twinkling searing 6-string strains, to simmer and surge direly under the high-submerged anxiety of dark breathless husky urgencies, amid fiery outbursts of distorted guitar passions, burning painful dread into the tumultuous swells of rising tensions and lonely shivers.

The evocative visuals invoke adoration and doubt using a shadowy performance interspersed with suggestive symbols and images, to issue a universal message of warning into the mind’s eye of insight. Statues, police forces, and government/corporate slogans give pause to a revised history of fear, menace, and deception, whilst existential questions of motive, accuracy, and authenticity shape-shift perception and energy around relics of the past to open new doorways of interpretation from lost timelines.

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