WL//WH Track Of The Day: WAX LEAD “Honey On The Moon”

Lyrically, “Honey on the Moon” explores the crusade-like way humans’ feel entitled to take what is not ours to own. We often don’t know what we have until it’s gone. And the natural world is still one of mystery even with scientific advancements. Trying to change the world has always been a part of human existence. But historically, western culture goes about it in a violent way. Coveting and converting things until they become “Our’s”. We rarely have the time to be gracious and reflect on our natural world. This song brings in the comparison of extinguishing the “Promised Land” by simply wanting to take it.”

Holly Axelrod

Brewing ‘post-punk, ballads, soundscapes, and silence since 2017‘, Minneapolis-based 4-piece Wax Lead, made of  Holly Axelrod (vocals, keys, guitar, bass),  Cody Bourdot (bass, guitar, samples, vocals), Aaron Anderson (drums) and  Sami Sati (guitar, keys), have released over the weekend their new single “Honey on the Moon” from the split 7-inch vinyl with D.C.’s Luna Honey, via Blight Records, conceived last year, over an odd concatenation of coincidences, just before a chance encounter on tour between the two bands.

With a self-released debut 4-tracker, entitled “Husband, Lord, & Master”, at the very end of last year under their belt, the quartet play a poignant, dense and vibrant, bordering on goth, noir-ish post-punk leaning on evocative layers of twangy guitars, hypnotic somber bass lines, enriched by heartfelt and moving passionate vocalizations, influenced by artists like the Cranes, Nick Cave, Einstürzende Neubauten, and Madrugada.

The group also produces a monthly printed zine, The Dark Times, paired with a Twin Cities goth radio DJ and is always interested in collaborating, breaking down barriers, and injecting DIY get-up-and-go into the sometimes reclusive world of dark music.

Rumbling and seething bleak bassline, backed by tight drums, ominously pulses unremittingly throughout, penetrated by jittery piercing guitar chords that supremely whine, rip, radiate and collide, achingly echoing murky, angry, equally fragile and powerful, female vocals weighted by deep hopeless fear and distress as a woman rebukes about greed, vanity, and indifference in the dystopian land of mass consumerism.

Shadowy and introspective, both compelling and subtly disturbing, “Honey on the Moon” is pervaded by a profound sense of reckless endangerment that speaks straight to the heart.

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Photo by Kristi Fox Fräzier