WL//WH Track Of The Day: SYSTEME PARADOXE “Paris Barcelone”

Track Of The Day  Systeme Paradoxe

Following last year’s intriguing debut 2-tracker “Ne m’attends plus…”, Paris based ‘electrocold-coldwave’ music project of Laurent T. (machines, composition) and H. (vocals, lyrics), returns with a brand new EP “Epilogues” comprised of ‘Deux fins d’histoires, deux epilogues’.

Ably blending, with elegance and refinement, the dark robotic Teutonic minimalism and the distinctive French flair for suffused and mesmeric textures along with distant monochromatic voices, almost on the same path of the highly missed Peine Perdue, the pair explore abstract and impalpable yet meticulously articulated evocative sonic territory in which alienating and enveloping atmospheric patterns, distant sideral frozen echoes, obsessive and bleak rhythmic pulsations, frigid vocal introspections, interplay ceaselessly, projecting towards turbulent and somehow sensual eddies of inner turmoil, furrowed by dense shadows of glacial desolation and profound sadness, while unfolding into a powerful imaginary narrative of moving and immersive cinematic frames in blurry black and white.

Punctuated by tiresome mechanical snare beats, rumbling bassline’s gloom pulses relentlessly, woven with icily twinkling luminous stuttering loops, gently dusted by the dramatic yet soothing breadths of glaring synth wandering, with poignant grievous intensity, around enigmatic, aloof female spoken vocals, whispering somber secrets into the slow hypnotic, painful fade of a love, sealed by a trip to Barcelona’s sun.

Different tones and story for “Angels of Death”, yet nearby resemblance both in its finality and disconnection with “Paris Barcelone”, even if the latter was written long ago.
Set in a post-apocalyptic time period, not unlike our current times, when isolation, desolation, and life, as we were used to, ceases to exist, it deploys far more oppressive and obsessively unsettling thrilling sci-fi vibes, fueled with ominously rumbling low end throbs and dry rhythms, swept by foreboding gusts of chilling synthetic breaths, whilst desperate, emotionless female vocals layer with airy robotic cries, falling hopelessly in a dreamy mist of transmutation into a complete loss of humanity.

Once again Systeme Paradoxe envelops you in a cold, entrancing, and mysterious sonic universe, between radiant melodic coils and noir-ish emotional vibrations, a seductive and fascinating journey not to be missed.

Each of the 2 stories/epilogues is re-shaped in an alternative version, take your pick.

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