WL//WH Track Of The Day: HEIMBERG “Glass Prison”

Track Of The Day  HEIMBERG

Orthodox, monochromatic, and moody 80s UK style Post-Punk / Coldwave from the young French 3-piece HEIMBERG, flawlessly transposed and highly compelling, built on crispy martial rhythms, tantalizing sinuous bleakly bass throbs, cloaked in an evocative tight-knit web of effected-laden guitars and liquid synth veils, heightened by heartfelt morose vocals, rambling amid solemn melancholy, caustic pain, and faint glimmers of hope.

After last May’s tasty 4-tracker “Untitled” demo, the Strasbourg-based band debuted properly with their home-recorded first 3-song EP “Isolation”.  

“Glass Prison”, along with the more brooding and pensive, drowned in a depressing sea of darkness, “Fate”, possibly the standout track, is laced with introspective lyrics that open hidden doorways of insight to illuminate a glass prison where illusion by suggestion takes hold of the unaware.

Stark lashing snares propel beautifully prominent ominously pulsing basslines to seamlessly interplay with glistening and spindly obsessive guitar ripples, carving winding and poignant echoing strains of desolation and suffering over anguished haunted vocals shedding fear and frustration into a hopeless headspace of unseen light.

It had been for some time since I had not listened to a debut, inspired by the darker period of The Cure, so intense and persuasive, bravi!

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