WL//WH Weekly Electronic Tips

Weekly Electronic Tips

Berlin based ambient / industrial / dark techno duo OAKE “Part 1” off of “Live in Marseille” double vinyl edition (originally out in 2015 on Ascetic House’s tape) on the new label Vaagner

Bogotá-born /Berlin/Brussels synth electronics / ebm / electro producer Victor Lenis aka Cute Heels“State of Mind (Noncompliant Remix)” from the new EP “State Of Mind feat. Aga Wilk” out now on Dark Entries Records

Minneapolis-based experimental dark techno producer and Always Human Tapes label founder Ryan Wurst, Soul Tangler“Skin Crawler” off of V/A “AHT100” out now on Always Human Tapes

Berlin-based electro Californian experimentalist James Whipple, aka M.E.S.H.“Damaged Merc (Fraxinus Remix)” limited 2017 dubplate via Pan

Greek raw industrial dark electronic techno producer DJ LOSER‘Παραλογα Τειχη’ from forthcoming cassette “Crusade Melancholia” on Clan Destine Records

Irish electronic techno producer Ian McDonnell aka Eomac“Don’t Fear Your Own Heart” on Injazero Records

Russian minimal techno producer Nikita Zabelin”Confusion” off forthcoming “Trans Siberian Express” EP on X/OZ

San Bernardino, CA mysterious industrial esoteric experimental electronic minimal synth drone duo, GERMAN ARMY“All Is A Question – Insurrection – Crisis of Memory” from the vinyl album “More Bitter Fruit” out now via Discrepant

New Danish ambient / drone / electronic duo of Yuri and Internazionale, Shell Fantasy ‘Rows 2’ from the upcoming debut cassette on Janushoved.

Birmingham, UK industrial techno moniker of Justin K Broadrick (also Jesu, Godflesh, Final and Techno Animal) aka JK FLESH‘PI04 (Silent Servant Remix)’ title track of the forthcoming EP now on Pi Electronics.

New Danish ambient / drone / electronic duo of Yuri and Internazionale, Shell Fantasy‘Rows 2’ from the upcoming debut cassette on Janushoved.

Berlin-based dark techno electronic DJ and producer Michael Wollenhaupt aka ANCIENT METHODS“SE MKII” from the new EP “Aud” out now on Persephonic Sirens

Italian ambient techno producer Alessandro Barchitta, aka FERALमृत्युकर“East Slope” from forthcoming EP “Climbing Himalaya: Part I” on Sweden’s Hypnus Records.

Greek industrial / dark electronic artist Boris Barksdale“Geezer” from the EP, “Eternal Remorse” out now on Eye For An Eye Recordings

Croatian electronic dj/musician FOIL“Acts” from the new EP “Black Flags” out now on New York Haunted.

Saint Petersburg based Ukrainian electronic / dark disco / Italo disco / electro producer Konstantyn Isaev aka VOLTA CAB“Dark Room” from the forthcoming double album on Bordello A Parigi

Japanese industrial techno artist Tomohiko Sagae‘DB#3 (Stave Remix)’ off the new cassette, ‘Deba Bōchō’, out February 8th on Amsterdam’s Strange Therapy.

Sydney’s EBM / new beat / dark electronics project of Colin Thompson (Ghastly Spats, God K), aka BURA BURA“Double Agent” from the cassette album “The New Flesh” out now Moontown Records.

Italian EBM / acid / raw techno producer Luigi Traettino, aka THRAE“Ultima Ora” from the EP “Not Perfect” out now on Raven Sigh

Berlin-based Spanish ambient / dark techno producer IZARS“No Drama” from the EP “Looking for the truth” on Subsist

Michigan‘s experimental / ambient / drone artist Dominic Coppola“Alstroemeria” from the cassette Keys to the Fields 15 : “The Yellow Book: 1894-1897” on Vienna Press
German industrial / dark techno / acid electronic producer Hendrick Grothe from LeipzigBlac Kolor We Are the Darkness (Klangbild Remix)’ from “We Are Darkness” EP on Hands
Paàl “Precipice” from Paàl’s new EP “Fitz Roy” out February 2018 on Voitax
Romanian ambient techno producer best known as Cosmin TRG, Cosmin Nicolae “Semnalfrom” the forthcoming cassette album “Semnal” on Opal Tapes
Berlin-based Athens‘ industrial techno moniker of one of the co-founders of Modal Analysis record label, 3.14 “Heera (feat. Devika)” from the cassette “Closer To Chaos” on Berlin’s Amok Tapes
Pacific Northwest ambient techno producer Sage M. Taylor, aka Parallelism“Hier Matin” title track of the new 5-track EP on Tehnofonika Records

Sidney‘s deep ambient electronic producer SIMON MANN “Moleskin” from the “Shadow Ranger” EP on Controlled Violence

Italian dub techno / ambient / electronic young DJ/producer based in Turin, Astronomy Domine “Baja” from the split 7″ with FjäderDeepwater Compilation Vol.1′ on Turin’s Ovunqve label.
Austin based ambient / experimental / electronic artist Neil Lord (member of Thousand Foot Whale Claw, Single Lash), aka Future Museums “Cosmic Winds Reprise” from the album “Rosewater Ceremony” on Holodeck Records
Hastings, UK industrial / ambient / drone / electronics project of Cremation Lily‘s Zen Zsigo (also Maths, Life In The Dark, Livimorket,), Zen Zsigo “Settling” from forthcoming vinyl album “Winter Orbit” on the new label Vaagner