WL//WH Track Of The Day: FILMS ON SONG “Cristine”

Track Of The Day  FILMS ON SONG 

Nuanced Indie Rock from the Charlottesville, Virginia unit Films on Song, with an electrifying sonic alchemy that spins heaps of diverse guitar-laden suggestions, mostly from the 90s, as well 60s bents, together with reverb-drenched shimmery Shoegaze textures, sparkling Jangle and vague Psychedelic vibes, without ever being too obvious.

Songwriters and founding members Jonathan Teeter and Francis McKee have a heady flair for delivering tunes simultaneously melancholic and edgy, catchy and infectious yet powerful and rousing, ceaselessly poised between dreamy introspection and energetic emotive outbursts.

Although started around 2017, Films on Song‘s latest single, “Cristine”, is a tasty preview from the band’s long-anticipated debut album, “Slightly Nightly”, due out October 20th, deals with dramatic lyrics, intrigued by a captivating recurrent phonetic play, ‘cuz that’s XTINE and her c-caineee’, observing ‘Cristine’ doing her own thing, through a helpless lens of dismay.

Infused by a thrilling late 80s Mancunian sheen, “Cristine” unfolds, fueled by urgent insistent drumming along with erratic lustrous bassline pulsations, over a buzzing vibrant carpet of fuzzed-out distortions, rippled by lonesome keyboard glows and wistful twinkling jangly melodies, whilst angsty dreamy vocals, and distant chaotic echoes, release restless dread into an obsessive, tight flow of confused emotions.

Films on Song‘s debut album, “Slightly Nightly”, is scheduled to be released on October 20th.

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