WL//WH Track Of The Day: FOULNESS ISLAND “16 mm”


After a period of clearing the mind, sound tweaks, moniker changes and God knows what else, the mercurial  Australian musician based in Clare, Joel Carr, formerly known as English Summer, and briefly Arts & Letters, appears to be edging back, in the last few months, onto a regular, quite rich, schedule of releases for our delight, equally as a duo, New Labour, as a trio, The Boltons, and lastly as soloist Foulness Island.

We barely had time yet to recover from the aural daze of his first 4-track EP “Isles of Sorrow”, a somehow heavenly match between mid-’80s Felt and Durutti Column’s “The Missing Boy” peak time, and here we are mesmerized by a blaze of flamboyant echo-drenched jangly 6-string radiance from the new single “16mm”.

The song, lyric-wise, recalls a comforting memory through a ’16mm’ lens of denial.

Underpinned by the hypnotic pulses of a steady drum pattern and warm willowy bass lines, a sinuous giddy sway of resonant chiming guitar swirls, imbued with reflective melancholy, in unison with flashing keyboard glows, spool out like spellbinding crystalline rays, to envelop hopelessly romantic vocals, dreamily longing in a distorted bittersweet bliss.

Don’t miss digging into present and future releases, rife with introspective and stirring compelling guitar pop intricacies.