WL//WH Video Of The Day: FOREVERGHOSTS “l’hiver Dans Les Corps”


A frequent guest on these pages under his Dark Wave guise Sad Madona, the talented young Parisian songwriter and composer Remi Lauvergne has also started a fully diverse Lo-Fi Bedroom side project, as foreverghosts, merging elements from Emo, Noise Rock, Black Metal and Shoegaze, whose recently released 6-song debut EP, “forever ghosts”, recorded in 2 days, has been followed by a music video by Anyo for the stirring atmospheric final track “l’hiver Dans Les Corps / Winter in the Body”.

“l’hiver Dans Les Corps” is a beautifully shadowy sad poem about the isolation and longing of abandonment, unwinding wistful meandering and falling piano melodies, and minimal haunting, weeping synth shivers to encapsulate tragic, ghostly whispery cries in a heavy melancholy of heartbroken yearning.

Dreary to bright outdoor visuals by Anyo capture a cold lost soul walking down a forest path toward a sunrise to sync symbolically with the sentiment of the soundtrack. Time majestically shifts from darkness to dawn, manifesting both the fear and hope experienced by Mother Nature’s healing grace.

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