WL//WH Track Of The Day: EMPTY STORY “Ködös zászlók / Foggy flags”

Track Of The Day Empty Story

Freshly formed Hungarian Synthwave /Post-punk band based in Békéscsaba, Empty Story, made of Mihály Kocsis (Synth, Guitar) & Tibor Simon (Vocals), have dropped in these days their first batch of three songs.

An intensely cold and moody 80s influenced sound at the same time pulsating and depressive with a distinct balance of retro percussion-charged steady dancing drum machines and hypnotic basslines with the evocative shards of effected scintillating guitars and wiggling bright synths, heightening the biting emotional-ridden vocalizations filled with excruciating melancholy and sadness.

“Ködös zászlók / Foggy flags” deals with dystopian lyrics point out the extreme inconsistencies between awake /asleep, interior /exterior, and appearances  /emotions.

Insistent, punchy rhythmic patterns, scattered by an array of jangled cowbells and crisp claps, along with ominous undulating rumbling bassline lay a disturbing vibrant foundation for an obsessive intertwining of reverberant piercing guitar melodies, and dramatic tinkling synth chords jerking around curt, agitated, layered baritone vocals dissecting simmering moods of anger and anxiety through a tense and poignant atmosphere of pain.

The symbolic lyrics video unveils the psychological afflictions of shame, deception, and regret at the hands of selling one’s soul for riches.

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