WL//WH Track of the Day: FLESH OF MORNING “Death Becomes Bitter”

Track Of The Day Flesh of Morning

Just found this early morning and slowly creeps up on me and blew me away, “Death Becomes Bitter” is part of the debut double A-side demo single “We Are / Death Becomes Bitter” from a brand new elusive duet based in Austin, TX, called Flesh of Morning, built around the stripped-down setup of Faiza on vocals & Travis on Synths.
The duo seem to deliver a gripping and minimal synth-laden dark wave sound, dangerously danceable, brooding and moody, with a melancholic and contemplative edge.
“Death Becomes Bitter” unfolds an ominous droning and hissing dense intro that elicits resonantly tinkling, rolling synth chords, backed by terse kicks along with steadily punchy, hypnotic beats and tumbling, buzzing bass distortion, expanding into the dark recesses unearthed within the haunted soul of a slurred, narcotic female vocals that float and fade out of painful, euphoric bliss, grasping for lost memories, whilst a pulsating synth awaken into glossy streaks of wistful melodic glitter across the obscure night sky.
Flesh of Morning’s debut 2-tracker “We Are” & “Death Becomes Bitter” will be out soon, on limited (to 50) cassettes, via Annals Imprint, already available for pre-order on the band’s Bandcamp.
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