WL//WH Track Of The Day: DREAM SUICIDES “Lost in This World”


It seemed to have lost track with Dream Suicides, the Californian shoegaze/dream pop bedroom recording project of Daniel Romero from Riverside, that had left behind within two years, between 2015 and 2016, across an EP and an album, a handful of memorable dreamy and melancholy songs with a distictive lo-fi flair, straddling The Smiths, early 4AD and Slowdive, distinguished by the cover artwork imprinted with images of Winona Ryder extrapolated from his movies.

Suddenly, at the start of the Summer, the understated return under the new moniker Star-Crossed Lovers, through an S/T EP and an immediate follow-up single, with a slightly louder sound and clear hints to the British shoegaze of the early 90s, for being soon erased from all streaming services in favor of the return, around a couple of weeks ago, to the original name with an EP, “The Darkness That Follows Me”, comprised of old songs in addition to the unreleased track of the same name.  Although an upper screencap of the ‘charmant’ Franco/Swiss actress Irène Jacob, from Kieślowski’s ‘La Double Vie de Véronique’, the words “Reflections of Ourselves In Scars Within Others”, and the date of October 10, 2020, clearly hinted at a future release, we know now it will be the upcoming sophomore LP.

Just yesterday the brand new single, “Lost in This World”, popped up on Soundcloud, with the cover image of another 80s French icon, Sophie Marceau, from the infamous 1980 teen movie ‘La Boum’, a song that teases with dreamlike boisterous shoegaze leanings, as usual pairing seamlessly noise, melody and darkly emotive lyrics with compelling results.

Off tempo, repetitive snare drum patterns pulse tiredly over abrasive bleeding swathes of reverb-drenched distortion, draped with profound wistfulness, that shimmer hazily over elated, emotional male vocals, soaring in breathless agony, amid a trembling spoken-word chorus, left drifting beneath the noisy cold simmering surface, terribly isolated “lost in the world.”

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