WL//WH New Music: The Intrepid Debut Single “Exhale” by UTGANG on TONN Recordings

WL//WH New Music  UTGANG


Right after the summer holidays, this was the first good shock I needed to get me back on track again. Introducing the brand new electronic duo UTGANG from France who recently released their spectacular debut single “Exhale” via TONN Recordings (Belfast), one hell of a sonorous storm with a non-negotiable effect on me; I hit my head on the ceiling and despite it was what I needed, eventually “Exhale” enslaved me a hundred times on repeat.

Ι did my research and I found this pretty imposing and tricky info about UTGANG in TONN‘s press kit and I copy it here:

Originating in France, Jean Pellaprat and Max Wyrd first met through the Post Punk Noise band, Princess Thailand. Whilst touring extensively during that early period of playing together, an idea soon formed to work more closely to develop an entirely new project that would allow them to go further musically and visually. So UTGANG was formed out of a strong desire to create their own artistic universe.   

Now, Jean and Max‘s own artistic universe is the sheer sound of the most spooky and uplifting ‘warehouse’ underground electronic music in the likes of the past golden era of the rave scene. With a new sound and new ideas, UTGANG will soil you for good as you will raise alone the dustcloud in your house while your feet will ache you with joy and your ears will relapse into that kind of electronic addiction.

I needed a little more light for this article and I needed to learn a few things about the band, I had questions and Mary McIntyre (the owner of TONN Recordings) kindly connected me with Jean Pellaprat, here is our short dialogue:

  • What does UTGANG mean? I found it is ‘Exit’ in Norwegian…

Jean – It’s from the Swedish. It’s basically the concept of Exit Indeed, but more in the philosophical way, a way to open doors, to solve issues, etc.

  • Are you working with an analog set or what?

Jean – Everything is produced with analog synths and when playing live we use back in tracks, analog synths, guitars, our 2 voices and acoustic drums.

  • Are you located in Paris?

Jean – We are not in Paris. Max was in Brussels, and me in the south of France when we create the project. Utgang was born in Brussels, first residency in a wonderful place called Volta. Then Max came back to France and we’ll see in the future! 

Now we have a clearer image of [UTGANG-viaTONN Recordings] and I’m saying like that because this select synth boutique record label has accustomed us to very high music standards with UTGANG being another incredible discovery by them. The debut single “Exhale” was released on August 31, 2021, and except that it has the required sound production is also filled with passion and some surprising magic; The song is electro to techno on real modernity and absolute innovation in the arrangement. Remember Jean and Max first met through the post-punk noise band, Princess Thailand? Expect to find a gorgeous and so groovy catchy new wavey riff initially at 01′:45″ that your soul will be dying for it all the way as it magically appears again and way after the imposing passing through one solid intro to the grandiose electro-techno main crust of the song, that is upon the most fearless and fiery low-end rails.

The shock is almost complete with the vocal lines and words that are coming like a positive threat that, however, elevate the song for good without stealing anything but giving the ‘social’ nuance everywhere in this warehouse. Near the end, the crescendo completes the shock, and let’s go for another round. Listen Loud!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike