WL//WH Track Of The Day : GENAU “Phaser”

Milwaukee, WI 2-piece Genau, made up of Christopher Belkofer and Erik Gosnell, have released last mid September their third, invariably self-titled, 5-track EP filled with 80’s inspired gloomy, dreamy and sleek blend of goth-tinged post-punk, reverb-drenched dream-pop and new wave moodiness. 
Dealing with themes of denial and regret and made of unique subtle and refined lush sound, both dark and ethereal, simultaneously powerful and urgent, “Phaser” unfurls  driving deep melodic bass throbbing relentlessy underneath and constantly pounding drums. Shimmery and swirling guitars effortlessly float and soar through the deadpan vocals crooning with profound nostagia in a depressed and delusional intimate journey of self-discovery.
hazy and wistful melodies and the gentle lines that effortlessly float and soar through while the driving deep melodic bass throbbing relentlessy underneath and the drums constantly pound
creating gloomy textures
An EP certainly interspersed with past references, but highly effective and utterly riveting.
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