WL//WH Video Of The Day: PILLHS CASTLE “Repeat The Death” (Official Music Video)


Indonesian Post Punk/Goth Rock unit from Malang City, Pillhs Castle, made up of Torkis Waladan Lubis (guitar), Nando Septian (vocals), Tama Ilyas (guitar), Willy Akbar (bass), and Dheka Yusuf (drums), have dropped a surreal psychological video shot on location at Sentong Cemetery area in Lawang by Jamal, a.k.a. Jams (Ripcvlt), for the first single, “Repeat the Death”, off their forthcoming debut mini-album, scheduled for release at the end of 2023, via Jakarta-based label Ordo Nocturno.

We consider “Repeat the Death” to be the right title to describe a bad family or home atmosphere as if it makes us feel like a slow death that keeps repeating itself.<span class="su-quote-cite">says Pillhs Castle frontman Torkis</span>

The stark and spooky “Repeat the Death” stirs dark, ominous moods built by menacing sonorous bassline throbs, off-tempo punchy drum beats, and insistent sinister piercing weeps of shivering bleeding guitar strains, atop reverberated haunted vocals with chilly immersive feels of obsession and dread.

Cinematic visuals by Jamal, a.k.a. Jams (Ripcvlt) star model Selfi Safira as a troubled Gothic soul whose edgy style, an occult symbol tee and a classic little black dress, manifests the dangerous personality split incurred by a traumatic family situation. The exclusive fashion line showcases the collaboration between the Davincok-owned clothing brand Meong and Pillhs Castle whilst further dramatizing the on-point acting of Selfi Safira whose beautifully evocative graveyard wanderings and fake storybook smiles drive home the broken human condition of the heartbreaking soundtrack.

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