WL//WH New Music: “Dream” is the Killer debut single by VENUS IN NOISE

WL//WH New Music  Venus In Noise  

Venus In Noise

This is one of those cases that nail you with its immediacy and raw power. “Dream” is the killer debut single by UK based act Venus In Noise; they see their sonic fantasy in an utterly noisy, hazy tube; they offer a solid blend of noise rock (with a shoegaze pinch), and all that under the beautiful veil of slowcore; also add the strange feeling that you hear them play post-punk music actually, a bliss!!! “Dream” was written and performed by Pablo Casadey and Aphrodite Goulioumi.

The amazing thing about this song is apart from its sonic raw power it also offers some pretty “wicked” melody and trip on the vocal line; she sounds like a pixie or a ghost in this “Dream”. Nothing dark about it, nothing intense or menacing in her singing style, but she is really there to impose her lyrics to the song as a melancholic or sad narrator. Funny, the music at her side is breathing along with her strangeness, and the music that they made for this, is “odd” and very, very attractive. And loud!

So, until they strike back again with another new release, (that I am so looking forward to), please welcome to the pitch Venus In Noise!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike