WL//WH Track Of The Day: DIVOLE “Stains”

Track Of The Day  DIVOLE  

Although active for a while, only in the last year Divole, a Darkwave duo based in Moscow, has begun to concoct dark electronics, hints of buzzing and menacing EBM low ends, dancing tribal hard-hitting rhythms, alienating and oppressive synthesizers with a sensual fleshly vocal delivery, to carry toward eerie and desolate Industrial-strewn realms of tormented and excruciating emotional expressiveness.

Divole‘s latest single, “Stains”, lyric-wise explores the rupture and deceit of a complex relationship using metaphors for fear, sin, and repulsion to elicit transformation by shining a brilliant light at the end of the tunnel.

Esoteric and despairing slow-burning energy enlivens a simmering emotive build-up with punchy kicks interspersed by heavily thumping percussions, droning pent-up bassline danger, and jingly bleeding synth stabs, to fuel beautiful haunted, heartfelt vocalizations, dropping deep seeded pain and breathless passion into a relentless mechanical and cathartic storming momentum of treachery and betrayal.

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