WL//WH Track Of The Day: MAREUX “Scorpio”

Track Of The Day  Mareux

Los Angeles-based electronic musician Aryan Ashtiani, for some years now, has expressed his dark-inclined artistic and musical sensitivity through the Mareux moniker.

A very promising 4-track debut “Decade” EP that dates back to 2013 and an excellent cover of The Cure‘s “The Perfect Girl”, unfortunately, was followed by a long period of hiatus finally broken by the “Espirit” EP at the end of 2018.

Mareux‘s moody and strongly emotional electronic-laden lo-fi approach straddles the line between synth-pop, coldwave and post-punk in a stunning and infectious blend of thick glacial beats, lustrous synth stabs, sparse droning elements, vigorous bleak bass pulsations and a superb passionate voice, flavored by a mournful shadowy-goth feel, a seductive 80s flair, and sometimes subtle groovy r&b inflection.

The dark, murky and sorrowful poignant atmosphere that pervades “Scorpio” is stirred by steady propulsive rhythms, interspersed by tinny cymbals-sounding percussive effects and sparse jittery broken beats, stiffened by a deep bouncing bassline that pounds and throbs throughout, heightened by piercing guitar wails and bright dazzling synth beams over breathtakingly heartfelt, plaintive vocals laced with melancholy and pain.

Mareux stuns the listener every time with beguiling somber melodic bliss that resonates in the heart for a long time, we’d like more, but we’ll settle for it.

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