WL//WH Track Of The Day: HEXHEART “The Funeral Party”

Track Of The Day HEXHEART  

Hexheart is the deceptively dark Synth-Pop project, with Darkwave guitar nuances, by musician/producer Jasyn Bangert from the Pacific Northwest.

The first single from the forthcoming sophomore Hexheart record, titled “Funeral Flowers”, is a reinterpretation, pondered since his teens, of The Cure‘s classic song “The Funeral Party”, a martial paced synth-laden slow dirge, among the most ethereal and hypnotic songs ever composed by the English group, included in their third 1981 album, second of the so-called ‘Trilogy of Darkness’, “Faith”, that lyric-wise depicts a surreal yet heart-rending gothic landscape of death and gloom amid the opposing force of ‘dancing at The Funeral Party’ to build melancholy, drama, romance, and dread.

“The Funeral Party” pretty radical rework cast an ideal intoxicating spatial bridge stretched between past and future through spatial layers of flashing bright synth swirls, driving by tight splashing rhythms along with buzzing jerky bass throbs, imbued with the glacial sentimental detachment of robotic vocoded vocals, to build an alternate dimension of upbeat celebration, drowsy elation and lingering eerie foreboding from the brooding, somber moods of the original, with a genuine nostalgic flair.

The surreal lyric visuals layer dim neon lit vintage clips of hypnotic dance sequences with fear inducing apocalyptic imagery to invoke mixed moods of agony and ecstasy, seamlessly in sync with the bittersweet soundtrack.

Usually, I’m not fond of cover versions of familiar bands when they are too similar to the original, showing a total lack of personality, that’s not the case for the Seattle‘s artist, whose rework stands out as something totally different and fresh, equally anthemic, emotional and highly danceable, enough not to regret the bygone days.

Apparently a relevant sampler of what you could expect from the new LP, watch out for the full release…

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