WL//WH Track Of The Day : DITTA PERDITA “Resilientes”

Track Of The Day Ditta Perdita

Argentinian dark synth composer/lyricist/musician/chanteuse Ditta Perdita based out of Córdoba, with a 2014 debut album “Aparición”, on Tacuara Records and a collaborative track with Mexican synth mastermind Stockhaussen under her belt, is recently back with a self released EP “Caviria sp”, a compilation of old tracks with the unreleased new “Resilientes”, a raw, immersive, minimal synth-loaded post-punk splinter with industrial undertones, featuring Nath on bass and chorus.

Ominous, buzzing, grinding bass drones and industrial echoes fueled by relentless, hypnotic, cutting-edge beats puctuated by icy, eerie, dishevelled synth slivers define a deep sense of threat and isolation over a stark, oppressive, mesmerizing dirge building in intensity and defiancy embodied by bitter, vengeful, chant of distress and helplesness stemming from a life filled exclusively with sorrow, disappointment and lies.

A bewitching and welcome return, let’s hope this is a sign that the long awaited second album will finally be a reality.

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