WL//WH Video Of The Day: THE VIOLENT HEARTS “Everything and Nothing”


Bristol, UK Post Punk (ers) James Mattock (vocals, guitar), Frankie Picasso (bass, vocals), and Brian James (drums) AKA The Violent Hearts drop a high energy DIY music video for the heart-broken new song “Everything and Nothing”, the title track from the upcoming debut album “Everything and Nothing”, vinyl 12″ LP & Digital,  due September 3rd 2021

An explosive mix of crackling guitars, punchy bass, powerful drumming and captivating melodies, channelling The Clash, Buzzcocks and early Manics, “Everything and Nothing” is laced with introspective lyrics observing the distorted idiosyncrasies that drive a stake through the blind heart of unrequited love.

Abrasive, caustic guitar riffs scratch sparkling reverb strewn tears over heavy, grinding basslines, hard-hitting drum beats, and rambunctious huffy male vocals dropping anti-romantic croons of heartfelt hesitancy into a moody swirling maelstrom of throbbing post-punk allure.

Flickering lo-fi glaze spins retro 90s vibes over an Alt. Rock basement jam session. Pink strobe effects, close-up shots, and skewed camera angles draw an intoxicating flow of angsty energy over a modern punk clad trio, blurring wicked shadows into depth defying dimensions of subliminal thought-form heat.

“Everything and Nothing” LP cover

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