WL//WH Weekly Electronic Music Tips

Weekly Electronic Music Tips #23 


Picks Of The Week:

  • Australia/US industrial/EBM/dark electronic side project of MULTIPLE MAN and Neud Photo, aka XEROX “AZT” from new “SYNTHICIDE Compilation V2.0″

Killer 2nd volume of the compilation that defines the ‘state of the art’ of Brooklyn‘s monthly party SYNTHICIDE lead by writer/DJ/Producer and much more Andy. Top-notch industrial and EBM-charged dark synth-driven electronic sound included also our longtime fave Ortotrasce (added to the darkwave list by habit). Essential listen and purchase, needless to say.

  • UK Industrial/Synth/Electronic trio from Sheffield, Randolph & Mortimer “Electronic Body Weapon 1”           

A pretty obsessive high-octane ‘first’ slab of thumping acidic electronic body music grit from the Sheffield trio, after a more than excellent long-awaited debut album. Apparently seems that the insiders are starting to take them seriously…

  • Russian breakbeat/dark electro/drum & bass solo project by Moscow‘s artist (half of the duo Ni Slova) Stanislav Ernst aka S.ERNST “Trust” from new single “Trust/Carrion” on anti vvave records

Electronic breakbeat producer S.ERNST from half of Moscow‘s darkwave/post-punk duo Ni Slova, bursts out with a dark and ominous sliver of drum and bass with futuristic leanings over kicking rhythms, driving foreboding synths and an impending sense of doom.

  • New York‘s electronic/analogue synth producer David Mason aka LISTENING CENTER “Meridian” from upcomong 4th album “Retrieving” via Polytechnic Youth
  • UK krautrock psyche-folk electronic ensemble lead by Neal Hale of Brighton-based electronic duo Correlations, THE RELATIONS “The Bloody Tower” from “NIGHT’S PRELUDE” cassette album on Spun Out Of Control.
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina experimental/witch house project †Я▲СΣS ❍F GΗ❍5†5 ‘before you wake up’ new single
  • Singapore‘s experimental/IDM/techno producer XHIN “Vision Electrified” title track from the new EP on Midnight Shift
  • Frankfurt am Main-area electronic producer (also Dolphins and INIT with label head Benedikt Frey), Nadia D’Alò – “Pitcher” off upcoming EP on R.I.O. Label                                                                                     
  • Paris‘ cinematic electronic/new wave/synthpop artist Léonie Pernet “Butterfly (Léonie Pernet Protéine Version)” from upcoming “Butterfly-Remixes” EP on InFiné                                                                                       
  • Prague-based minimal synth/synthpop/electro DJ/producer and co-founder of Endless Illusion label LAYUP aka Exhausted Modern “A Doomsday Clock” with split EP with DimDJ on Lyon’s imprint Blue Night Jungle
  • London, UK dark electronic/industrial/noise/techno project of Oliver Ho (Raudive, Zov Zov), BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB ”Cold Medicine” from the upcoming second LP of his ‘White Rats’ trilogy on L.I.E.S. Records    
  • Tallinn, Estonia electronic producer Nikolajev – “Agent (vocals by Regret)” off of upcoming V/A “MRG005” cassette on Marguerite Records                                                                                                                      
  • Italian lo-fi/wave/industrial/dark techno/electro producer and owner of underground label Eufemia, Religius Order “My Choice and My Blood” from the cassette album “Anima Desolata” on Atrophy Records
  • Russian dark electronic project from cold Yakutia, REVIZIA “Dimensions”                                                               
  • Moscow, Russia experimental electronic producer ICY FLAME “ASTRAY (RAPTURE)” from upcoming album “CHRONOGEARS”
  • Vilnius, Lithuania electronic producer Sigīta Seyr “Venus” from upcoming ‘Supynes Festival’ EP on Cherries    
  • Mexican electronic/dark disco producers of Ghostly International artist Moderna and Duro label co-founder Mateo González (aka Bufi, Sonido Fantasma and Theus Mago), Moderna Y Theus Mago “Pesos Not Besos (Original Mix)” from upcoming EP on Side UP Works                                                                                 
  • Derry-based industrial/dark experimental electronic/EBM project of Christian Donaghy, AUTUMNS “Nah, You’re Actually Wrong” from V/A “Amateur Vampires” on Opal Tapes.
  • Ottawa’s industrial/dark ambient/tribal noise producer Wychdoktor – “Pact” off of V/A “Inside / Beside 2” on Kalamine Records
  • Caserta native / Amsterdam based techno producer/dj Domenico Crisci “Napoli Power” from V/A “Amateur Vampires” on Opal Tapes
  • L.A. based Dark Techno /EBM /Experimental project of New York‘s producer David Christian aka CERVELLO ELETTRONICO “Controlling Systems” from the new album ” TOP DED CTR” on Hands
  • Barcelona‘s industrial/dark heavy techno producer ASSASSANI “OBERTVRE AND REVELATION OV THE SEVEN DVNKEL SEALS” from V/A “Echoes from the Factory” on new Berlin’s label Impartial Waves
  • Polish acid/rave/trance/techno producer L Ʌ V Σ N “Selfscape Dream” from “Anywhere” EP on COUP
  • Brooklyn, NYC experimental electronics/death industrial/power electronics project of Uniform‘s Michael Berdan, aka HISTORY OF A DROWNING BOY “Of Our Own Making” from 3-track EP “Oblate”
  • Canadian one person electronic/ambient/experimental act based in Toronto, Iderdown – “On and On” from upcoming V/A “Rogue Transmissions” on Slice Records
  • Utrecht / Berlin-based modular techno/industrial noise artist, 000 – “We Bacame Reptiles (Radical G Remix)” from “We Became Reptiles” EP, out soon on RND.Records
  • Düsseldorf, Germany IDM/industrial techno producer Wolfram Bange, aka Phasenmensch “The Process of Becoming” from the album “Haunted [The Gentle Indifference Of The World]” on Hands
  • Russian electro producer Low Tape – “Funky Detune” from upcoming “Reality Zone” EP on Australian-via-Berlin Nerang Recordings
  • Melbourne, Australian IDM/acid/electro producer Reppi T. Lizrd, aka Reptant – ‘’Transcendents From The Outer Sphere’’ off upcoming new plate ”New Advancement’s In Lizard Tech™” out July 1st on Craigie Knowes                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Japanese ambient/psych/techno DJ/Producer/Composer/Sound Designer from Tokyo, Wata Igarashi “Gravity” from “Kioku” EP on The Bunker New York
  • Russian experimental/ambient/electronic dj/producer Mikhail Linkov, aka DISCOTOPIA “Rassvet (Freaks Of Nature Remix)” from cassette “Magnolia” on Jungle Gym Records
  • Moscow, Russian ambient/jangle/electronic producer Masha Pozer ”чувства//feelings”
  • Paris based experimental electronic/neo-classical/techno duo of contemporary pianist and composer Rosey Chan and DJ/producer Mimi Xu, aka Carnet de Voyage “Broken Time Machine” from debut album “Melo Disko” on Gare Du Nord Records
  • Experimental electronic composer, sculptor, painter, poet, and publisher from Rennes, Félicia Atkinson “You Have To Have Eyes” from the forthcoming double album “The Flower & The Vessel” out July 5, 2019 on Shelter Press.