WL//WH Video Of The Day: PLAGUE PITS “Velvet Glove”

Video Of The Day PLAGUE PITS

Inspired by the utopian global D.I.Y. 80s Underground Cassette Culture, Bern, Switzerland-based Collective Plague Pits seamlessly fuses a distinct and imaginative concoction of Industrial, Post-Punk, and Synth Wave elements into an electrifying and stimulating highly danceable, electronic sound, striking a fine balance between the heritage of the past and the immediacy of the present, with a projecting glance into the future

After an increasing crop of releases since the band’s get-go in late 2021, an array of insightful social perspectives about the precarious power structures we find ourselves somehow entrapped in, are, lyric-wise, strongly emerging.

“Velvet Glove”, the first track unveiled from the forthcoming self-released 6-track EP “The Light”, due out on March 17, 2023, is about how rulers, through religion, nationalism and neoliberalism, twist our brains and direct our actions with a desire-driven obsession.

“Velvet Glove” is ceaselessly lilt by a jerky streak of droning dry ripples, intersecting with rapid rumbling flickering bass undulations into an expanding vision of wistful, faint icy-bright synth twinkles, and flashing whirls, driven by dancing steady punchy snares, to surround foreboding numb vocal roboticism with spectacular veils of intoxication and fear.

Stirring black & white visuals arouse the mind’s eye of interpretation with hard-to-read facial expressions. Shapeshifting shadows, nervous cigarette smoking, and fluid overlays set the stage for a haunting personal experience as penetrating stares and still lips draw the viewer into the intricate nuances of human suffering.

Plague Pits‘ self-released EP “The Light”, is slated for release, in Ltd. Cassette & Digital formats, on March 17, 2023.

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