WL//WH Track Of The Day: DIÄT “We”

Track Of The Day DIÄT

‘Positive Energy’, the 2015‘s debut album from elusive Berlin-based Australian/German four-piece DIÄT stuck with me since then to such an extent that it often comes to mind as a reference next to most prestigious names from the past.

The band’s distinctive brand of visceral, dense and urgent post-punk, rooted in punk ethics and profoundly DIY, albeit with clear nods to 80’s UK bands like Killing Joke, PIL, The Mob, UK Decay, Crisis and Wire, was able to explore, with a strikingly modern approach and impressive strength and personality, the same intense, urgent and tension-filled dark energy of their forefathers, keeping the flame of classic post-punk alive. 

The fact that the band seems to avoid social media, not a bad option though, didn’t help to have fresh news, but here’s that Seattle‘s IRON LUNG Records announced last week the release of the follow-up, or ‘maybe even a companion piece’, titled ‘Positive Disintegration’ out February 22, 2019, on ltd. vinyl with download.

First preview “We” is a song about change, denial, and regression.

Beautifully foregrounded rhythmic and hypnotic pulsing and repetitive bassline coupled with syncopated tight drums and threatened by layers of distorted and piercing guitar, build an oppressive and ominous sense of apprehensive fear. Reverbed, caustic and pissed self-referential rants rave in sync with relentless metronomic bass throbs, almost increasingly submerged yet intensified by soaring bursts of deeply emotional and dramatic searing guitar lines, brimming with frustration, depression and anger.

Awakened by a mid-life slumber reveals a life of mindless routine and gestures. Disgusted and riddled by the stagnation, he delves further and doesn’t like what he finds.

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