WL//WH Video Of The Day: BEVERLY HATE “Baise moi”


Beverly Hate, a Cold Wave/Dark Dream Pop duo from Angers, France, drops a steamy video, “Baise Moi”, keeping things fresh after their October 2022 6-track “Symptomatique Rivage” via, Angers-based label March3noir.

“Influenced by groups such as Sexy Sushi, Yeule, or Crystal Castles. They will thus embark on a group with dark texts, cold wave and indie rock sounds.”

Dangerous moods rouse urgent seductive moans, hypnotic treacherous bouncy basslines, spectral dim icy bright stabs and a shimmering pain-filled mesh of echoing piercing guitar melodies, punctuated by steady cutting beats, whilst relentless, aching vocal passion, releases angst and yearning into hot obsessive spirals of endless desire.

After-hours visuals shine a spotlight on dangerous moods to sync seamlessly with the primal vibes of the soundtrack. Romantic fantasies surround impromptu dance moves, air-playing guitar grooves, and symbolic poses to give an inside look into the playful and daring personalities of the band.

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