WL//WH Premiere #13: VENUS IN FURS “My Vulpine” off “My Velvet Cage: A Tribute to Venus in Furs”

WL//WH ‘My Velvet Cage’ Premiere #13  VENUS IN FURS

The ultimate countdown to unveil the release of the first project from the Dark Alternative Music Collective WAVE.NOIR, entitled “My Velvet Cage”, a heartfelt tribute to the Sussex-based, UK cult band, Venus in Furs, ends on a high note with a brand new track, titled “My Vulpine”, from the one and only Venus in Furs themself.

A bunch of contemporary dark alternative musicians such as Deus Faust, Nao KatafuchiEmil Moonstone & The Anomalies, HumanParis Alexander feat Eirene, Two MoonsUIU, Shad Shadows, Pilgrims of Yearning, Ash Code, and the already mentioned Distant Stars, are paying their respects to those sought after, unforgettable, classics.

“My Vulpine”, the first song with original members Times and Skot Lucy reuniting after the 1984 album “Platonic Love”, unleashes blistering groovy guitar riffs rockin’ the ground running, charged by steady punchy drumbeats and densely throbbing bass line, as energetic and impassioned male vocals dig down deep along with crushing and sparkly piano chords in an uninhibited seductive serenade to “My Vulpine.” Play it loud!

Wave.Noir collective’s debut digital collection “My Velvet Cage: A Tribute to Venus in Furs” is available on Bandcamp

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