WL//WH Video Of The Day: Заговор [ZAGOVOR] “Король вечеринки” (How To Become the King of the Party)

Video Of The Day     Заговор / Zagovor    

Russian “Sad Synth” solo project of Moscow‘s artist Kirill Ovchinnikov, AKA Заговор [ZAGOVOR], gives us a sampler of his distinctive cold, melancholic and romantic whirlwind of unsymmetrical synth chords, taken from the upcoming new 5th album Диалог” (Dialogue), due out on April 12, 2021, with an eye-opening DIY video for the surreal track “Корольвечеринки” (How To Become the King of the Party).

A steadily palpitating pinpoint bass droning vibration casts through boisterous, neurotic synth strains and scattered syncopated beats to fuse off-kilter and hypnotic frequencies around airy, disjointed male vocals falling dreamlike into a fragmental flow of mesmeric sine wave haze.

Stream of consciousness lyrics unveils a quest for human interaction using an inner dialogue where the decision to make a sentient move toward Fate takes hold.

Depth defying magnifications expand time and space into a heady journey of subconscious connections. Twilight eyes cloak vintage cars in blurry pixels, allowing tunnel lens enhancements to open perception of unknown dimensions. Shadows hide and stretch the mind’s eye into an asymmetric landscape of murky, zero-gravity motion, where distant horizons and trace elements of fear reveal the faceless mysteries of modern dystopic bliss.

Заговор [ZAGOVOR] new LP Диалог” is going to be released, Limited Cassette and Digital, on April 12, 2021.

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