WL//WH Track Of The Day: EKO & VINDA FOLIO “Spring”

Track Of The Day   EKO & VINDA FOLIO

As well as yesterday’s Manon Meurt, Tbilisi, Georgia-based duo Eko & Vinda Folio, comprised of Erekle Deisadze (vocals) and Temo Ezugbaia (guitar, vocals), are back in the fold with the new single, “Qarianebs”, after a 4-year break since the first album, “Therapy”, released via the French label Talitres in 2019, with which the band has been appreciated for a distinctive richly layered reflective and melodic guitar sound, with nods to Soviet bands like the crepuscular Motorama or the spidery Buerak, nestled in the harmonious flow of Kartvelian language, seamlessly blurring the lines between Post-punk, Coldwave and Dream Pop.

The forthcoming second opus, “Tavshekaveba” (“Restraint” ), due out on the 23rd of November, this time through local imprint Bloom Music, reveals thematically, I shall attempt to summarize briefly, that the difficult process of how to attain true freedom and authentic self is by consciously choosing to disengage from the socially acceptable flow of automatic consent and to thoughtfully refrain from said actions, through introspection and understanding, rather than prohibit oneself, lest neurotic tension take hold.

More edgy and gloomy than its predecessors, yet still rich in poetry and melancholy, with the sonic construction always full of sinuous energy and emotional heartfelt vibrancy, “Qarianebs” (“To the Wind”), describes, lyric-wise, the wind at the peaks of mountains to elicit feelings of change.

The song coasts on intricate heady spirals of dire glistening guitar melodies, layered with fluid somber keyboard shrouds, on a steady throbbing of brisk drumming and hiccupping basslines, to wrap and wriggle with swelling and hypnotizing needlepoint chimes, echoing obsessively over rushed numb spoken word vocals, urgent backup cries, and dreamy longings.

Eko & Vinda Folio‘s upcoming second studio LP, “Tavshekaveba”,  is slated for release on the main digital platforms, on November 23, 2023, through Bloom Music.

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photo by Vako Tabatadze