WL//WH Track Of The Day: DECEITS “En Soledad”

Track Of The Day DECEITS  

Up-and-coming Los Angeles based young purveyors of ‘Música para los darks’, Deceits, made of Kevin “Pups” Moreno (Vocals, Bass & Synth), Kevin Hernandez (Guitar & Synth) and Sisco Saenz (Drums), confirm with their new third single, “En Soledad / In Solitude”, all the positives they have hinted at.

The 3-piece craft a swirling, scintillating and moody dark melodic sound bursting with lingering raw hardcore urgency, albeit fully wallowing in the murky waters of the 80s post-punk, sprinkled with a modern flair and a right dose of Latin soul.

“In Solitude” dwells in an introspective realm of disconnection amid a tortuous modern dystopic reality of oppressive anxiety and haunted fear.

Incessant galloping drum beats bounce with vibrant pace along with meandering, punchy bassline throbs, and effect-laden sparkling plaintive guitar melodies, swept by billowing icy airy despondent synth swells, to soar and reverberate with tormenting layers of glistening, piercing pain around heartfelt restless vocals dropping primal echoes of angst and trauma into a stinging web of claustrophobic dread.

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photo by @salemwitchmitch