WL//WH New Music: VAN GOOSE “Snake Eyes”

New Music VAN GOOSE 

Van Goose, the alias of the imaginative off-kilter Psych-Indie-Rock project of Israel-native, Brooklyn, New York based musician and composer Shlomi Lavie, the drummer since late 2008, from veteran alternative rock trio Marcy Playground, has unveiled the immersive eclectic second single, “Snake Eyes”, taken from the forthcoming sophomore full-length LP, “Post Truth and Bird Feeders”, “the product of a year long dive into the strangest pockets of the digital world”, recorded with the stable backing of Eamon Lebow (guitars, saz, acoustic lap steel) along with Dylan Keefe (Bass guitar).

Accompanied by an outlandish music video directed by Shlomi himself and cinematographed by Adam Ben Cohen, “Snake Eyes” deals with paranoia-inducing lyrics that depict a neighbourhood stroll with a smartphone, where worries of surveillance, disinformation, and fear, compel a shady wanderer to loosen up lest he looks suspicious and draws unnecessary attention toward himself.

Retro 60s psychedelic-tinged auras layer groovy digging bass lines, sparkly spritely organ bursts, minimal, obsessive and sassy guitar strings, and a slew of ringing, shaking, knocking percussive textures with hypnotic, prowling beats to intoxicate with heady bouncy moods around soft cool atmospheric breaths of dreamy dread whilst warped icy bright tones stab, drone, and flutter into woozy sways of chilled out trippy bliss.

The cinematic video, directed by Shlomi Lavie and cinematographed by Adam Ben Cohen, manifests narrative lyrics into a surreal comedy, combining humour, archetypes, and culture. Evocative acting, thoughtful props, costume and insightful dialogue blend seamlessly with the off-kilter vibes of the soundtrack to invoke relatable feelings of confusion, uncertainty, and alienation at the hands of a dystopic Fate.

Van Goose‘s second album is set to be released, Vinyl /CD & Digital formats, on 09/02/2022, via Cardboard Queen Records.

In the meantime explore the band’s Website which mimics the experience of going down the fabled rabbit hole. Currently, further new zones have been unlocked down toward the rabbit hole.

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