WL//WH Track Of The Day: DAYYDREAM “Wasn’t”

Track Of The Day Dayydream

20-Year-old Dream Pop artist living in Glasgow, under the nom de plume Dayydream, unveils the first glimpse from the debut EP, “Bittersweet”, nestled ‘on the border between her imagined world and reality.’

A confession of regret, sadness, and acceptance of the end of a relationship, “Wasn’t” is a downtrodden lovelorn dreamy folk lullaby of seductive emotive intensity, laced with introspective, shadowy and soothing melodies, that unfurl amid wispy sheens of lights, perfectly suited for these humid autumnal days.

The song slowly sways its way through lonesome acoustic guitar strums and emotive icy clear resonant fingerpicked chords, shrouded by diaphanous reverberated veils, whilst cool crystalline, vaguely adolescent, vocals caress the forlorn senses with soft aching melancholy, to elicit feelings of longing, heartache, and isolation.

To find out further intriguing sonic nuances, Dayydream‘s debut EP, “Bittersweet”, is due out, Cassette & Digital, on the 28th of October.

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