WL//WH Video of the Day: ECHOBERYL “Fading Away” [Official Video]

Video Of The Day  ECHOBERYL

Echoberyl, the Paris-based dynamic Dark Wave duo made up of Adriano Iacoangeli and Cecilia Dassonneville, keeps on fine-tuning their own distinctive nuanced approach to a danceable electronic sound drenched in noir aesthetic, with a video by Cecilia for the new single Fading Away.

Inspired by the Sci-Fi TV show “The Twilight Zone”, “Fading Away” is about meeting someone you lost a long time ago. A song about dealing with absence and death. One night, a woman wanders alone in a city. She stops on a bridge, the border between life and death. A ghostly figure approaches, recognizing her…”

Cold, dark, and mysterious moods build a surreal expanse of steady snappy drum kicks and resonant clapping beats, pulsing droning bass tones, angsty warped synth strains, light shivering mists, along minimal poignant New Order-ish baritone strings, whilst the beautifully sad heartfelt longings of a lost soul, search for a loved one amid haunting whispers from the past.

Foggy black and white visions by Cecilia Dassonneville manifest the confusion, fear, and disbelief of the lyrics to sync seamlessly with the liminal realm of the soundtrack. Introspective wanderings, through an empty neighborhood at night, alternate with dissociative dance sequences and multi-dimensional trace overlays to merge emotional timelines of loss and death into an immersive dreamscape of otherworldly suggestions.

The 5-track Special Edition of the original single, “Fading Away”, including an “alternative reality” version/arrangement and three danceable remixes, is out via Mother Solitude Records Bandcamp.

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