WL//WH Track Of The Day : BLIND SEAGULL “Connections”


Hailing from Kaliningrad, on the Baltic Sea, the Russian band Blind Seagull have been around for four years now, starting with the aggressive, direct and appealing short songs of their 2015 debut album “Mess” until the turning point represented by last March “Filth” with a more experimental and electronic approach.

“Connections”, propelled by a bouncing drum-machine, is immediate and striking, stripped down to its bare essentials : an urgent darkly vocal melody, a propulsive rhythm section, shimmering and crisp guitars, a fast-paced blast into the ears with all the brooding, impassioned melancholy and drive you could ever crave, is all about what post-punk has intended and must be, pulsing of repressed anger and frustration and just oozing alienation, sorrow and sadness.

The new album “Pressure” is out now and is absolutely mind-blowing.

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