WL//WH Video of the Day: CONTRE SOIRÉE “Quand Ta Jupe Tourne”


Born as a duo in Paris around 2017CONTRE SOIRÉE is the one-man project of Olivier Decodts grounded in ’80s UK post-punk and French coldwave, steadily enlivened by a highly danceable electronic rhythmic edge.

Almost simultaneously with the release of the band’s split vinyl 12″ EP, “Nuit”, with fellow Toulouse based post-punk duo Blind Delon, via Italian label VEYL, CONTRE SOIRÉE has dropped a lysergic video, created by Yann Bailleux, for the track “Quand Ta Jupe Tourne / When Your Skirt Turns”.

Cold spatial textures wind fast-paced tinny snares with droning, treacherous bouncy bassline and bright swirling synth swathes around dramatic, sensual French-speaking male vocals lost in hypnotic adoration, to form an exciting and sensual electronic dancefloor diorama of urgent pulsating sensations.

Lovelorn lyrics describe the vibrant electricity conducted by a woman lost in a moment of freedom and the idolized beauty observed by an admirer.

Neon accents flash over black and white vintage clips to form a psychedelic showcase of dizzying images. Synchronized swimming, lost highway footage, and wild club scenes set a frenetic pace while hallucinatory overlays transform reality into a surreal nightmare of shimmering otherworldly dimensions. Shadows cast eerie, elongated proportions onto groovy dance moves while heat-seeking editing techniques dilute forms into lava-like consistency transitioned by bizarre hand-drawn illustrations to add a retro Sci-Fi flair to the visual accompaniment.

“Nuit” – a split-EP between Blind Delon (Toulouse) and Contre Soirée (Paris) is out now, Vinyl 12″ & Digital, on Milan’s VEYL Records Bandcamp.

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