WL//WH Video Of The Day: MISSISSIPPI KHAKI HAIR “Moonshadow”

Video Of The Day Mississippi Khaki Hair

Born out of the split from the talented shoegaze band Whisper Voice Riot in 2015, Osaka based Japanese alternative rockers Mississippi Khaki Hair, made up of Taito Kimura (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Ackey (Guitar, Backing Vocals), Daiki Usui (Bass, Backing Vocals), Yudai Higuchi  (Synth), and BnZ Machida (Drums), deliver a gripping and vibrant blend of post-punk, indie rock and garage in the long-awaited new debut full-length album “From Nightfall Till Dawn”, accompanied by an exciting video for the hit track Moonshadow.

Peppy knocking beats roll and thunder amid quick throbbing serpentine bass lines and sharp wiry guitar melodies to linger crystalline sparkles with the icy isolated synth notes, while dry, detached male vocals shift to impassioned cries, seeping pain into the rambunctious rocking rhythms.

Rebellious rock-and-roll lyrics tempt and lure another’s heart over to the dangerous dark side of the moon with wicked sexy metaphors to crush the fear and tension of love’s uncertain destiny into dust.

Majestic blue tints shine onto a high energy performance, directed by Mitsuaki Matsunaga, to capture the intense momentum of the song, while black and white transitions slowly reveal a budding connection made through writing notes in the classroom. Dramatic lights and shadows draw angsty innuendos into the backstory, while time-lapsed anticipation blurs time and facial expressions to suggest a romantic interlude lies in the stormy horizons.


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