WL//WH Video Premiere: EUROPEAN GHOST’s Dark Distorted Vision of “The Garden of Delights”


Artwork by Matteo Bosi

Born in the summer of 2015, European Ghost is an Italian 3-piece band based in Bologna, made up of Cristiano Biondo (vocals, lyrics), Giuseppe Taibi (bass, drum machines, synths), and Mario d’Anelli (guitars, synths), who have painstakingly crafted and refined a distinctive dark, spectral and melancholic strand of Electronics, Drones, Dark Wave, and Post-Punk elements, which captures and carries the listener into a visionary and esoteric hypno-wave of catharsis and transcendence, nestled in between boundless and supernatural soundscapes.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere the soul-stirring video, directed by Emil Moonstone, for the haunting song “The Garden of Delights” featuring Giuseppe Lo Bue of Caron Dimonio on guitar, taken from last September’s nightmarish and hallucinatory sophomore 11-track  album, No Peace, No Sleep, No Shelter, via Icy Cold Records.

The night music descends and accompanies us into the depths of consciousness and re-emerges with a handful of diaphanous pearls with a still obscure meaning. “No Peace, No Sleep, No Shelter” tells us about the need for an inner refuge and the impossibility of escaping from one’s nightmares.

Mystical eerie rousing cinematics awaken dull senses with mesmeric droning waves of alchemical electronic expansions whilst a broody rumbling bass line ripples gripping murky vibes through stacked, marching drum beats, stirred by pain-fueled glistening guitar echoes around numb, lost, and disconnected vocal baritones, haunted by daunting echoes and swirling synthetic swarms, drawing perpetual, aching sorrow and detached dread from a stone-cold stark chasm found in “The Garden of Delights.”

The immersive video, directed by Emil Moonstone, transforms the mind’s eye into a surreal, ghostly vision, syncing seamlessly with the otherworldly dominions of the soundtrack. Heady, depth defying layers cast a multi-dimensional underworld over a witchy hooded figure, whose unconscious mentality allows latent fears and desperate desires to construct a dark purgatorial prison of the mind. Hypnotic virtual overlays of bat colonies, slithering serpents, and radiant light forms open hidden portals to a secret shadow realm, where hellish psychic bondage perpetuates moods of wandering aimless and hopeless through endless fields of unseen dreams.

European Ghost‘s second LP, No Peace, No Sleep, No Shelter, is out now, on Vinyl/CD & Digital formats, via Icy Cold Records.

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