WL//WH Premiere: VERNEBLUNG “Ready To Drown”


Hailing from the rural surroundings of Cologne, Germany, electronic duo, Verneblung, comprised of Nadin Klein (vocals & lyrics) & Adnan Abbas (music), describe their music as “Death Pop”, namely a “mixture of dark synth-drenched Wave hymns driven by bass-heavy Industrial downtempo beats”.

WL//WH is pleased to premiere, “Ready To Drown”, the sultry and hypnotic final preview and title track from Verneblung’s upcoming 8-track debut album, “Ready To Drown”, due out on June 25th, CD/Cassette/Download, via Berlin independent label Blackjack Illuminist Records.

A song about an empty, lost soul drowning in a lonely, hopeless existence reveals: 

“Sometimes life can feel like it’s too much to bear, you’re ready to give up, you’re ready to drown. But often enough, these lows are turning points. At these lows we receive the most precious of gifts, we learn the most important lessons.”

The poignant and groovy “Ready To Drown” weaves magnetic pulsations of enveloping buzzing frequencies with terse muffled rhythms, punchy kicks and warm rising synth glows to form ominous swells of treacherous tides around the intense agonized and soulful radiance of the female vocalizations, releasing an intoxicating ebb and flow of breathless desperation into the slow-burn of tempestuous energies.

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