WL//WH Track Of The Day: SOCIETY OF MOTION “Unsleep​”


Society of Motion is the intriguing name of a new enigmatic Italian Darkwave band from Massa, Tuscany, as far as I know, a rather unusual area for a band of this style, which channels, in the usual alternation between dark shadows and glimpses of light, the most melancholic and reflective strains of 80s Post-Punk /New Wave.

The group’s debut Self-Titled EP concocts 4-tracks built on urgent drum programming and churning low ends, brimming with shimmering early The Cure-like echo-filled guitar fretwork, swelling synth textures and reverb-soaked atmospherics, deepened by an equally piercing and mesmerizing multilingual female vocal delivery.

The opener “Unsleep​”, lyric-wise about feeling uneasy about one’s mental state and life choices, is steadily driven by hypnotic subtly splashing rhythm patterns and bleak pinpoint bass pulses, surrounded by flickering dazzling synth sheens, while searing and weeping guitar sweeps soar achingly atop numb distressed vocals, layered with pain-filled cries and mournful ethereal echoes.

Worth mentioning, in a more than persuasive first effort to build on, the obsessive and intense rush, in the Teutonic idiom, of “Lorelei” and the final sort of captivating homage to Cold Wave, or better bygone Italo New Wave, with liquid icy-bright washes of wistful synth melodies, backed by agonizing spindly 6-string carvings, to deliver the indispensable nostalgic, decadent and romantic frame of mind surrounding East Berlin.

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