WL//WH Track Of The Day: PARANORMALES “Harakiri”

Track Of The Day Paranormales

Barcelona post-punkers Paranormales, comprised of J. Carlos Delgado (bass, synths, vocals), Ana Ruiz (vocals, keys), David Toro (guitar) and Diogo Santos (drums), are approaching this Summer’s release of their sophomore full-length album “Contra”, produced by Maurizio Baggio (The Soft Moon/Boy Harsher), via longstanding American label Cleopatra Records, with the brand new single “Harakiri”.

The quartet’s poignant, moody and dramatic sound is a heady distillation of the most intense dark elements from 80s post-punk and new wave, intersected by shoegaze sharp guitar distortion and rhythmic industrial chrome, fueled by ominous electronic undercurrents, drowning the listeners into a dense and stifling, at the same time mesmerizing and enticing, dim atmospheric strain of dangerously hypnotic haze.

Lyrics unravel into a disturbing inner conversation taking a roller coaster ride of drug-induced deadly mood swings to the limits.

“Harakiri” triggers propelling taut hypnotic kicks and thumping snare beats in sync with an ominously droning pulsing bassline and sizzling pulsing electronics, to radiate a profound obscure and unremittingly oppressive sense of foreboding and menace, whilst blistering piercing guitar whines bleed around soft blurry alluring female vocals, haloed in deep male choral enhancements, to build an urgent intensity, as a claustrophobic echo of inebriated bliss shifts downward. 

Paranormales‘ second album “Contra” is slated for release, Vinyl 12″/Digital, June 19, 2020 on Cleopatra Records.

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Photo by @javiergarcia.gil