WL//WH Premiere: DYKTANDO “Tier List” [DYSTATIK Various/Artists II]


Greek DIY label, DYSTATIK, runs by Athenian DJ/producer dry_feel, presents its second Various/Artists compilation, whose sound seems to shape the label’s aesthetic, with genres focused on Synth music and old school E.B.M., featuring well-known artists over here such as Pointe Noire, Choke Chain, Ferdinand Carclash, Clemens Interiores, Psychick Wound (aka Filmmaker), Crying Skies, XTR Human, Dyktando and Inconscio Viola (Unconscious + Violet Poison).

An obvious choice as he is new to us, WL//WH is pleased to premiere the track “Tier List” from Dyktando AKA Wiktor Milczarek, a Polish DJ and producer based in Warsaw. A long-time associate of the notorious party/record label Brutaż, his productions are a mix of EBM, new wave and electro music, often with vocals sampled from obscure Polish post-punk bands. He performs both live and DJ sets.

“Tier List” is drenched in the cold, depressive yet alluring moods of 80s UK post-punk over an old-school ominous rumbling bassline to induce a trance-inducing sense of impending doom through a relentless spiral of steady marching beats, dismal, haunted guitar’s obsessive weeps, rattling echoes, and sinister synth strains, rising deceptively in strength and frequency into an intoxicating maze of danger and despair.

DYSTATIK‘s “Various/Artists II” compilation is slated for release on November 5th, via the DYSTATIK Label Bandcamp. The release, besides the digital format, comes also in a limited edition of 25 black colour & 15 exclusive pink color cassette tapes + coloured j card in high quality.

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