WL//WH Video Of The Day : DJ VARSOVIE “Codeword: Macumbar”

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After last year amazing dense and compelling debut EP “Vampires”, the finest French purveyor of dark disco music from the deepest parts of southern France, Félix Bergeret, a.k.a. Dj Varsovie is back with a new 6-track EP “In Love In Macumbar”, with remixes by Verset ZeroBlind Delon and ILLNURSE. on cassettes and digital via his own label Intervision, co-founded with Paulie Jan and BLNDR.

“Codeword: Macumbar” is an sleazy impulsive, intense and raw blend of cold wave and techno with propulsive fierce pounding beats, surging hypnotic and evocative synth pulses and his voice crooned with forced unaccepted, numbed anger begging an help to find his own way to escape from his world of torment and pain, a perfect fit for the darkest, sweatiest, loudest, haze-filled dance floors.

Check out the video explained by Dj Varsovie himself “Last weekend I went back to Toulon to present the finished project to the taulier désepéré du macumbar. After a few mojitos in a pint under the palmiers palms, I finally agreed to play a live song. Here is the recording of the concert….”

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  1. video 28th May 2018