WL//WH Premiere: The new “Crime Seen” EP and the minimal synthpunk syndrome of NIGHT IN ATHENS (NIA)


It couldn’t be different so it came quickly; the ‘missing-parts’ from last year’s ‘Metropolis LP’ (Nov.2021) releases today with the intriguing title ‘Crime Seen’ by Night In Athens holding all things that were not ‘identified’ a few months ago. This little record has 5 brand new songs that are completing the recent adventurous circle of NIA, who didn’t come out intact, on the contrary, she played a lot of war.

‘Crime Seen’ EP is combative and civilized as much as the meanings on the cover, dressed in urban uniform she sees things with different eyes through her ‘specialized’ sonic soul. All her records are intense and way too real with nerve, like not diving into the underground, but being alone a peculiar and precious element of the core of electronic underground music. NIA makes music with machines and synths;

This time I used all the machines I had to create the sounds I wanted like Roland drums, some modular drums, and analog synths.she explains, abstractly yet clearly.

You will find one song in Greek, one in French, and the rest in English. Words with thoughts and curses on the urban style of bad survival, sometimes rude, sometimes inward, other times mocking, and in the end, the feeling you get when you drink some beers together while talking about the night’s plan to exterminate the world like a couple of overnight stray cats in the city. She put her words on synth-punk rails and hit it downhill simple as that: The proto minimal-synth cult together with the other group of intelligent characters; the analog synthwave tribe while also focusing on the preachings of the electroclash, across. Now add her natural attraction to the punk movement widely, and being close but not attached to the darkwave, she is a person who has died a lot as well for names like Front 242, DAF, Clock DVA….yes, you got it right; that sound and style of the early ‘mechanics’ on new adventures with renewed old vices and style.

As always, ‘Crime Seen’ EP is another DIY effort by NIA, with all things born and tried in her place with the same air as the street outside. The music takes me directly out on the streets to survive a little more in the damaged world, takes me also to the rave not as a form of music only but more as a protest shouting ‘Your World is Fucked’. You will understand immediately when it starts playing that you have heard her species a lot through all these years in all the squats, festivals, parties, underground clubs and places, and other similar situations. What I simply like a lot about NIA is that she doesn’t only play the music she adores but more; she is deep in that kind of music herself and she is original with all the paths she is trying in her songs, she has the same musical type of mind with the ‘structuralists’; she won’t care to impress rather than create the prototype and experiment with it wisely. All synthesized, all punk, all analog, all tense-and-groovy like hell. Here is ‘Crime Seen’ EP, listen loud!!!

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Written by Loud Cities’ Mike

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