WL//WH Premiere: ASSASSUN contemplates with regret “The World I Will Leave” behind


ASSASSUN is the latest creative musical outlet led by Berlin-based artist Alexander Leonard Donat (AKA Vlimmer,  Fir Cone ChildrenLeonard Las VegasFeverdreamtLeonard Donat, Infravoids) and consequently the latest addition to his polyhedric Blackjack Illuminist’s label roster.

ASSASSUN delivers dark synth /EBM with bleak vocals, and it is going to release its first album, “Sunset Skulls”, on March 11.

Prior to the full length, Blackjack Illuminist releases “The World I Will Leave” on the 4th of February, which includes four tracks, two of which will be included on the album. The EP offers minimal synth sounds that are morphing and sweeping through the songs, while Donat’s grim vocals recite narratives of existential doubt.

WL//WH is very pleased to premiere the angsty title track “The World I Will Leave”.

Eerie off-kilter, compulsive vibes resound with foreboding intensity through stalking, pulsing chunky bass ripples, harsh, hallucinating synth strains, arrhythmic, jittery beats, and warped tight tinkly keys into restrained floods of tense anxieties around the powerfully frustrated airless shouts and howls of relentless caustic vocalizations, fighting, in vain, with a world that is not as it appears to be, whilst longing in boundless sadness to leave it all behind.

ASSASSUN‘s debut EP, “The World I Will Leave”, is due on 4th February, whilst the first LP, “Sunset Skulls”, is scheduled for March 11, both via Blackjack Illuminist Records.

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